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Khamis, April 19, 2007

Intel Chipset Info & Overclock Database

OK hari ini aku nak sebarkan sedikit maklumat berkenaan chipset. Intel chipset khususnya, bagi mereka yang masih binggung memilih mainboard jenis apa, chipset jenis apa, ini adalah jawapannya. Oleh kerana aku pun mau bikin satu system baru pada MAY ni, so mari lah kita tinjau sama-sama yang baguihh, yang mana kurang baguih.

Intel Chipset Info

Intel 975x Chipset
  • Moderate Overclocker: 400-450FSB usually.. sometimes more with mods.
  • Ability to run Crossfire and with hacked drivers, SLI.
  • Runs fairly cool, can take a lot of voltage (2.1v+)
  • Best for chips with 9x multi or more, if you want the max out of your CPU.
  • Has best clock-for-clock performance out of all four chipsets.
  • Has extremely fast Matrix RAID
  • The two boards to get on this chipset are the Intel BadAxe2 (XBX2) and the Abit AW9D-Max. They both do the highest FSB out of all of them, out of the box and usually provide the most stable computing environment with the best OC.
Intel 965P Chipset
  • The best overclocking chipset with the ability to hit 520+ out of the box on most boards. Has hit 600FSB before on a modded board with the "C2" revision chipset.
  • Runs fairly cool, can take a bit of volts.
  • Ability to run Crossfire and with hacked drivers, SLI but the 4x slot hinders the performance.
  • Best for all chips, regardless of multiplier just because it has a good balance of performance, price, etc. Will top out any chip out there.
  • Has second best clock-for-clock performance out of all four chipsets.
  • Has equally fast Matrix RAID.
  • The two boards to get are the ASUS P5B/Commando Series and the Abit QuadGT. The Abit AB9 series is also a good board but it has its fair share of issues and a poorly thought out board layout. Abit's "QuadGT" is also a great board for the money and I'm now officially recommending it over the DS3, as Abit has gotten their act together.. but remember, the DS3 is still a great budget/value board!
NVIDIA 680i Chipset
  • Moderate overclocker, 500FSB tops usually.. more with mods. Highest I've seen is 525FSB. Rev 'D00' board does over 325FSB on quad core.
  • Ability to run full SLi, optimized for G80 cards.
  • Runs very warm!! (per norm. with NVIDIA chipsets).
  • Good for all chips overall. Will top out most 8x multi chips +.
  • Has third best clock-for-clock performance. With a LOT of time tweaking, Pi times can come close to/match some 975x boards.
  • Crappy nVRAID, slow.
  • Ability to run memory async, great for high ram clocks. Will top out your ram with ease.
  • Ability to run 1T @ High Clocks for a bit better performance.
  • Has some pretty serious bugs, data corruption and a few others IIRC (supposedly these have been fixed in later BIOS releases!).
  • Most boards are based on reference design, all about preference. The ones that aren't seem to have issues at the moment (notably the Abit and it's PWM problems -> Turns out to be the PWM sinks not making contact with PWM IC's.. check your Abit 680i Boards!)
  • Some ASUS 680i boards have a vCore bug, which is now fixed in the newest BIOS releases. See this post.
  • New PCB revision fixes many issues (PS2 port, vDimm and Quad Core FSB). To identify your version, look near the memory slots, serial # ending with C00 = old, D00 = new.
NVIDIA 650i Chipset
  • Moderate overclocker, usually around 500MHz FSB, depending on the board/manuf.
  • Runs moderately warm.
  • Good for all chips generally, will max out most 8x multi + chips.
  • Slow RAID.
  • Takes a lot of tweaking for it to be even be considered usable for competitive benchmarking.
  • To sum it up, it's basically for users who are seeking SLi on a budget with some good features & fair overclocking thrown in.
  • Moderate overclocker, usually around 500MHz FSB, + 20MHz.
  • Runs very hot!
  • Good for all chips generally, will max out most 8x multi + chips.
  • Has worst clock-for-clock performance out there.
  • Has slow RAID.
  • Only one board with this chipset, DFI RD600 which isn't all that great.. but it has a CRAP LOAD of RAM tweaking options!!
  • Has ability to run RAM Async like 680i
  • Ability to run 1T @ high clocks (iirc?)
  • Has ability to run crossfire.
  • Not the *best* drivers.

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